New York City is magic. Bursting with energy and possibilities, both ordered and chaotic, from day to day revealing itself in ways subtly or altogether different. It's old and new all at once. And like so many others, it serves as my inspiration.

My view of the city--the way I see it--is inexorably colored by childhood remembrances of a less homogenized, grittier, and in some ways more authentic New York of the 1980s. As a body of work, my photographs play off of and build on each other to convey a larger sense of place. While photography itself is in some ways inherently representational, my images are more impressionistic in both intent and the strict sense of the word. Each one serving as a glimpse or a hint. So that taken together, a viewer can come away with an overall  sense of how they  might feel after some time spent wandering the city's neighborhoods, side streets and avenues.

My photographs have been shown at Praxis Gallery Minneapolis, The Center for Photography at Woodstock, the Photography Center North West in Seattle, and at the World Trade Gallery in Manhattan.

They are also featured in the online urban & street art gallery:

Please be sure to visit, as there is a lot of terrific art on the site.

You can also email me at for more information, or for any other questions or comments. Thank you.

Self portrait on the Bowery

self portrait on the bowery
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